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Nutcracker- Jazz Performance
@Concordia Lutheran High School

Nutcracker will be held in December and will provide dancers a low-budget fun way to showcase their work. Tickets are sold as this performance is a fund raising event for the high school’s drama department. Costumes will be simple and dances will be fun but this opportunity will provide dancers a good practice before recital and the girls enjoy being on stage.  

Spring Recital
Theme for 2022:Wizard of Oz
Saturday June 3,  2023
@Concordia Lutheran High School

Routines are learned in the Spring semester and students look forward to their appearance on stage, and to the appreciation (applause) expressed by their audience. Recitals are an extension of the benefits derived by dance training. Students learn cooperation, stage direction and terminology. They also learn how to overcome shyness, and to project and express their individual personalities.

The recital fee helps to defray the costs of our performance such as auditorium rental, scenery rental, recording costs, sound equipment, stage and light crew, programs, insurance, police security, etc.

Recital Fee  $ 75.00 / $ 55.00              

Costumes:  Child Small – Child Medium  $69.00                     

                     Child Large – Adult Large  $ 79.00                     

                     Adult XL   $ 89.00

The Joee Schapiro Dance orders ready made costumes. The orders are made during the Holidays so that we receive them in time for pictures. These costumes are factory-sized and NOT custom made. The school will provide you with the name of a professional dressmaker if any alterations need to be made.

*JSD has not raised the recital fee since 2005

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